Sophie Madeleine – 30 Days 30 Cover Songs

Reason #312 why I love the internet: it can be a fun and creative way for musicians who might otherwise have escaped notice to market themselves and their music.  Case in point, Sophie Madeleine, who describes herself thusly on her website, “I am Sophie. I write and sing songs. Sometimes I play the ukulele. Sometimes I play the guitar. I do not like jellyfish.”

She first gained attention from the masses for playing the aforementioned ukulele and then last year, for her second album, The Rhythm You Started, she performed 30 cover songs in 30 days leading up to the album’s release, filming each one and posting it on her website. She recorded all of these in her home studio and most were requests from fans, friends, and family which led to a diverse selection of tunes.  Here are a couple of my favorites (which also happen to be good examples of how solo artists record by themselves with the use of overdubbing — first she records the uke (or the guitar) and then starts at the beginning for each new instrument or vocal…which can lead to severe boredom when you have to shake a tambourine or snap your fingers for half an hour):

Here’s what she sounds like in a studio:

Sophie Madeleine – The Rhythm You Started

And a little bonus video since it’s such a beautiful version of Del Shannon’s “Runaway”:

All of the covers, along with a number of duets, can be found at

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