It’s What’s Happening: Somebodies – A YouTube Orchestra

About 800 covers and parodies of “Somebody That I Used To Know” have popped up since the song exploded onto the scene in April. So, why am I showing you yet another video of one of the most played songs of the year? Because this time Gotye himself constructed a patchwork quilt version of his own song by taking around 50 of other people’s videos and mixing them all together to form what he has titled “A YouTube Orchestra.” It’s a brilliant piece of audio and visual editing, and hopefully more artists try something like this in the future. (They might already be doing it. I don’t know. I spend no time whatsoever on YouTube so cool videos only come to me through my well-connected wife or through luck. I have absolutely no idea what kind of hilarious hijinks cats are up to nowadays.)

Okay. One more version. This guy, Mike Dawes, appears briefly in the Orchestra video, but you should really check out his full-length version below. I thought I’d been playing guitar for the last 20 years, but after watching Mr. Dawes I now think I may have been severely misinformed (or delusional), because he and I clearly aren’t doing the same thing.

3 thoughts on “It’s What’s Happening: Somebodies – A YouTube Orchestra

  1. Wow. I could watch/listen to that Dawes dude play guitar all day. You should grow out the finger nails on just your left hand and play guitar like that…or maybe the banjo?

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