Schoolhouse Rock!

I now live 15 minutes from here

My family and I arrived safely in Vermont a couple of days ago. We’re slowly acclimating to everything and exploring our new environment. Tomorrow, we visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. That’s right, I live 20 minutes from an ice cream factory. This place rocks. Hoping to normalize the blog next week. In the meantime, let’s enjoy some edutainment, shall we?

Schoolhouse Rock will be immediately familiar to anyone who falls into the Gen X demo (those born from approximately the early to mid 60s through the mid to late 70s). A true stroke of genius, Schoolhouse Rock attempted to teach kids by using songs and animation mixed in with the commercials in the middle of their Saturday morning cartoons. And it succeeded (37 episodes during its original run from 1973 to 1985). You didn’t even know you were learning! That’s the best kind of learning — disguised learning. Subconsciously delicious. Cartoons that were educational and entertaining? Brilliant. Suck it, books!

Here are my favorites from each of the four categories the creators used . . .





3 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock!

    • I always liked it in school when teachers combined learning and games. Good stuff. And yes, the music is surprisingly great. When my daughter gets old enough, I’m going to introduce her to the whole series.

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