Review: 2012 Roundin’ Up The Strays [Part 3]

And the hits just keep on coming . . .

Before we move on to music from 2013, let’s clear the decks to make room for new inventory. There are many great albums from last year which, for whatever reason, I didn’t get around to reviewing. No time for full reviews now so I’ll just use the following summation, applicable to all:

This album rocks/is the catchiest thing ever/defines a generation. It will make you dance/bang your head/reenact Meg Ryan’s orgasm scene from When Harry Met SallyYou should go out immediately and buy it/share it/tithe 10% of your paycheck to whoever recommended it.”

dent may do thingsDent May – Do Things 

If the Pet Shop Boys took a muscle relaxant and listened to The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds for six months — voilà. Candy-coated sunshine pop to warm up your winter days (and winter nights!!).

Frankie-Rose-Interstellar1Frankie Rose –Interstellar  

How to describe this album . . .  New Order party-crashing The Sundays? A less Irish Cranberries? It takes a few spins for the songs to fully work their way under your skin, but once they do, the beauty soaks into your bones.

Gary_Clark_Jr-Blak_And_Blu_artGary Clark Jr. – Blak And Blu 

Despite attempts by critics, Clark refuses to be placed in a box. (The word “Hendrix” comes up a lot when box-building.) He goes through so many styles on this album I can’t even play you something representative. Having said that, here’s probably the least representative track (but listen to that guitar solo).

mother sticksMother Mother – The Sticks 

I’m not even sure how I came across this band since they seem to have garnered little attention here. But if you like rock bands with 3-part boy-girl harmonies, a skewed lyrical sense, and Canadian passports, then pull up a chair.

Shins-Port-of-Morrow1The Shins – Port Of Morrow 

The Shins disappeared for a few years while they were busy breaking up, or taking a hiatus, or being replaced. Anyway, lead singer/songwriter James Mercer still mans the helm, and he just made his best album in nearly a decade.

And that finally puts 2012 to bed. Unless, of course, a massively awesome record pops up that I overlooked. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

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