Into the Wayback Machine

TV2A few days ago, I ran across the theme from 80s TV show—and presenter of Bruce Willis—Moonlighting. Playing the song immediately transported me back in time, into my father’s study (where we kept the second TV, the one for the kids), lying on the floor doing my math homework, with my sister beside me working on her own schoolwork, watching the screwball comedy of Dave and Maddie. (“Do bears bear? Do bees be?”)

I hit the repeat button 15 more times. This flashback to my childhood was particularly vivid because I’ve only heard the Moonlighting theme a couple of times in the last 25 years — it’s not like it gets played on the radio (though it was a Top 40 hit in 1987), and I’ve never seen repeats on cable. In a way, the song is like a bug trapped in amber for me (assuming you extracted the DNA and replicated that bug Jurassic Park-style). Over time, songs from the pop charts are less likely to produce such  full-blown nostalgic evocations since they show up so often on the radio or in our own music collections. (For instance, Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” used to remind me of summer camp—where it played regularly on the jukebox—but it has little effect on me now aside from its inherent awesomeness.)

This is all extremely subjective, but let me see if I can take a few of you back . . . wayback.


Into the 50s:




Into the 60s:





Into the 70s:



Into the 80s (One for myself . . .)

(. . . and one for my sister who spent the decade beside me)

Into the 90s (One for my wife . . .)

(. . . and one for Joey Lawrence — Whoa!)

Bonus Tracks:

3 thoughts on “Into the Wayback Machine

  1. My favorite game to play with you in the 90s, pre- useful internet and youtube, was “How does the theme song to Perfect Strangers go?” We had the rest down, but that one always eluded us;)

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