It’s What’s Happening: Nataly Dawn & JT

Like a number of artists nowadays, Nataly Dawn established her bona fides by posting music on YouTube and iTunes—primarily rearranged or stripped-down versions of well-known songs—first as part of a duo known as Pomplamoose, and then on her own. Dawn launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her second album with a stated goal of $20,000 — which led to her fans pitching in over $100,000. Nonesuch Records picked her up and released the excellent How I Knew Her earlier this year.

Here’s the opening track:

Alright, I showed you that mostly as an introduction so I could show you this, a video from last month of Nataly covering JT’s “Suit And Tie”:

Nataly Dawn is currently touring the US and Europe. You should check her out if she visits your part of the world.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is enjoying married life and relaxing after the media blitz leading up to the March release of his much-anticipated album “The 20-20 Experience, Part 1.”

That’s right. I said “Part 1.” He’ll be releasing “Part 2” in September right before he kicks off his world tour.

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