Review: Willy Moon – Here’s Willy Moon

Willy Moon AlbumI didn’t realize I was waiting for someone to marry early rock & roll song styles with modern beats and production, but apparently that’s the case, because this is one boss platter.

Meet Willy Moon. He’s what happens when “cat” discovers “pajamas.”

You may know Mr. Moon already—though not necessarily by name—since his song “Yeah Yeah” appeared in an Apple iPod commercial last year. Not a bad opportunity for a guy who had only released a couple of singles and didn’t even have a full-length album out until a few weeks ago.

Willy Moon zoolanderBut who is this sharp-dressed man whose every publicity shot looks like Zoolander posing for a Calvin Klein ad? (To be fair, they don’t all look like that. Some look like high school prom pictures.)

Well, Willy Moon hails from New Zealand, a land known for its hatred of sheep jokes, its scenic Lord Of The Rings tourist packages, and all things Kiwi-related (except for, oddly enough, Kiwi brand shoe polish, which is Australian). He’s 24 years old, but probably still gets carded for cigarettes and liquor. And he’s on Jack White’s record label, so he’s got some credibility on his side.

As for the album, it’s an oddball mix of 50s and 60s rock and pop references, high energy rhythms, outright thievery, and massive, dance-ready beats, all adding up to a sound unlike anything else out there today. In a real throwback, almost all of the songs are under 3 minutes long — unheard of nowadays. This record totally makes me want to party like it’s 19-something-something.

So c’mon, everybody . . . throw your mittens around your kittens, and away we go!

Willy Moon – I Wanna Be Your Man

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Willy Moon – My Girl

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