Song Of The Week: “3 Strange Days” by School Of Fish & “Living With The Law” by Chris Whitley

School Of Fish - 3+Strange+DaysTwo songs for the price of one this week! I’m bringing straight up value to your internet, and you don’t even need a coupon! It’s not about lightening your wallet here at The Clock, it’s about lightening your soul.

Except for right now, when it’s about death.

I don’t know what happened in the 90s but a cornucopia of artists from that decade died before their time, whether by their own hand, by accident, by overdose, by disease, or—in some cases—by assassination (big ups to Tupac and Biggie — it didn’t have to end that way, dawgs — we’ll be missing you). Strangely, it only seemed to happen with Americans. I don’t remember losing a bunch of Britpoppers to heroin, drowning, or East Coast/West Coast rap wars.

Chris Whitley - Living With The LawAnyway, let’s crank up the old Venn diagram for today’s guests. In the outer circles we have School Of Fish, an alternative rock band from LA, and Chris Whitley, a wunderkind guitarist and blues rocker from Texas. Sharing space in the center, we see both were talented enough to debut on a major label, both released their first singles in 1991, and both of those singles turned out to be their biggest “hits” (neither made the Hot 100, but each proved popular on mainstream and college rock radio.) Also, both Whitley and Josh Clayton-Felt, lead singer and songwriter for School Of Fish, died suddenly of cancer in the 00s, each leaving behind a rich and eclectic music legacy.

So let’s go back to the beginning, when the possibilities seemed endless, the skies were nothing but blue, and the road they were on looked like it would last forever.

School Of Fish – 3 Strange Days

Chris Whitley – Living With The Law

5 thoughts on “Song Of The Week: “3 Strange Days” by School Of Fish & “Living With The Law” by Chris Whitley

  1. This may seem like a random question, but have you seen the Grizzly Man documentary? That Chris Whitely song reminds me a bit of some of the film’s soundtrack music.

    • I actually haven’t seen it (although I remember hearing about it when it came out). If I recall correctly, Richard Thompson did the soundtrack. Funnily enough, I have all of his albums. Except for that one. I’ll definitely have to check it out.

      • You recall correctly. I have a post in the works about Grizzly Man and its soundtrack. It’s a fantastic documentary, and there is a bonus mini-doc about the making of the music. Blew me away. I was unaware of Richard Thompson, and I imagine it would be even more interesting to see the film being familiar with his music as you are.

        • I should write about Richard Thompson soon. He’s a phenomenal guitarist — and he guests on Nick Drake’s first two albums. Actually, I should write about Nick Drake soon, too. It’s hard trying to get to everyone! On the plus side, it should be a while before I run out of material.

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