Roundin’ Up The Strays: Bombadil, Jesse Woods, The Bamboos, Jonathan Wilson, Lissie

A few more from 2013. We’ll begin chipping away at 2014 next week or the week after. For now, let’s round ’em up.

bombadil metricsBombadil – Metrics of Affection 

A folk-pop album from a band named (I assume) after Tom Bombadil in Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. Since the character always speaks in a kind of sing-song verse, the name seems appropriate. Also, the band members enjoy slaying orcs.

One of my favorite songs of the year.

jesse woods get your burdensJesse Woods – Get Your Burdens Lifted

Like Beck channeling Hank Williams.

And look at that sweet 70s couch cushion of an album cover!

bamboos fever'The Bamboos – Fever In the Road

Foster’s :  Australian for beer

The Bamboos :  Australian for funky

Some great, tough rock ‘n’ soul from this energetic combo.

jonathan wilson fanfareJonathan Wilson – Fanfare

I picture Wilson living in a log cabin deep in the woods, playing guitar, swimming with bears, and occasionally taking road trips to Joshua Tree for spiritual pilgrimages.

The song below sounds like an acid-jazz version of Steely Dan participating in a Steve Miller songwriting contest. In case that dissuades you, other songs on the album sound like David Crosby and John Lennon trading brownie recipes (which is a good thing).

lissieLissie – Back to Forever

Why can’t this song get played on the radio?!


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