Song Of The Week: “I Believe In You” by Don Williams

don williams

Everything goes in cycles (nature, washing machines, Hell’s Angels). But especially musical genres. Sometimes you’re in and sometimes you’re out in this topsy-turvy biz.

During the late 70s and early 80s, country music was so “in” it might as well have been agoraphobic. Everything southern and western captured the public imagination: Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood ruled the box office, Jimmy Carter ruled the Oval Office, everyone started talking in trucker lingo and buying CB radios and watching Hee-Haw. Even John Travolta made a movie about riding mechanical bulls in a Texas bar. Yup, John “Look At My Tight Wranglers, Now I’m A Cowboy” Travolta. And it affected the music, too, as the country went crazy for country!

don-williams-wedding-love-songsThe name Don Williams may not strike a chord with many listeners today, but he struck many a chord while dominating the country music charts with his soothing baritone and laid back tunes. Between 1974 and 1984, Williams scored 29 Top 10 country hits in a row, and 16 of those reached #1.

That’s … ridiculous. How many #1s have you had Blake Shelton? Um, what’s that now? 14 in a row? Well, carry on then.

One of those chart-toppers for Williams also became his only hit to reach the pop Top 40, a little ditty about love and understanding titled “I Believe In You.” Its simple message and positivity assured universal appeal and brought Williams into the national spotlight.

The soft of heart may shed a tear. So cynics beware. You may find this a little … sappy. Just relax and let Don’s rich, honey-toned vocals wrap you in a warm hug.

Deep down, you know you want one.

2 thoughts on “Song Of The Week: “I Believe In You” by Don Williams

  1. Houston, you struck a memory chord with this one. Clay & I danced to Don William’s music when we dating. Nice sojourn down memory lane. Thanks.

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