Roundin’ Up The Raves: JR JR, Son Little, Skylar Spence, BØRNS

If all goes according to plan, we’ll get back to some music history next week, but for now, a few more albums to add to your “To Do” list.  No time for chit chat.  Down to business.  Let’s round ’em up.

coverJR JR – JR JR

Confusing name? Affirmative. Gorgeous pop? You betcha.



coverSon Little – Son Little

Can something be smooth and gritty at the same time? Roger that.

coverSkylar Spence – Prom King

A piano-less Ben Folds fronting a disco band? That’s my ridiculous assertion of what this album sounds like, and I’m sticking to it.

coverBØRNS – Dopamine

A 21st century T. Rex? Adam Levine’s falsetto in Jack White’s body? HAIM’s younger brother? Sign me up.


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