It’s What’s Happening: Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingOkay.  Remember when I said things would get back to normal this week?

Right.  Well, best laid plans, etc, etc…

I’d still like to give you a little something today, but unfortunately there aren’t many songs about Thanksgiving, or turkeys, or people who wear buckles on their shoes and hats.

Instead, let’s all enjoy a little piece of rock & roll history, Guns N’ Roses’ epic music video for “November Rain,” a nonsensical fever dream that proved to be a classic example of how ambition and self-indulgence can intertwine. This is where the hair metal era jumped the shark.

Musical winds soon changed direction, leaving Guns N’ Roses stranded on a deserted island in unfamiliar waters.  The band sent out an occasional message in a bottle, but never returned to the mainland.

Anyway, Happy November from Axl and Slash!

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