Roundin’ Up The Raves: Air Traffic Controller, Beau, Flats and Sharps, Rosie Lowe

Spring’s popping up all over the place.  What are you crazy kids doing with your sun-dappled afternoon?  I know what I’m doing.

Let’s round ’em up.

frontAir Traffic Controller – Black Box

Like an electronic indie pop/rock Fleetwood Mac, or a less acerbic Beautiful South, this band out of Boston brings a bevy of shiny hooks to implant all up in ya.

Bonus points to the group for producing one of my favorite earworms of the year so far: “The House.”

coverBeau – That Thing Reality

Two childhood friends form a band and create intangible magic.

Unique New York. Unique New York. Unique New York.

FrontFlats And Sharps – King Of My Mind

A pop-minded, progressive bluegrass and folk band from the UK who truly shine with their original songs — a modern take on the genre with memorable melodies and gorgeous harmonies.

coverRosie Lowe – Control

A dark ride full of beauty and edge, and gleaming, 21st century R&B.

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