Roundin’ Up The Raves: Elizabeth Cook, Bear Hands, Jamie T, Douwe Bob

Just back from a road trip to Connecticut. One more state to cross off the list (The 50 states! Collect ’em all!).  No time to dilly-dally or dawdle. Down to business.

Let’s round ’em up.

coverElizabeth Cook – Exodus Of Venus

If Stevie Nicks grew up in the swamps …

Cook has her own radio show on Sirius, touted as “a mix of Americana, Outlaw, and Alt Country.”


coverBear Hands – You’ll Pay For This

Tight electro-rock out of Brooklyn.

Bear Hands.  Keepin’ it furry.

frontJamie T – Trick

Jamie T doesn’t do one thing well.

He does 20 things well.

Uncannily evokes the best of The Clash, Blur, Simian, and latter-day Stones.  And then spits dope rhymes in between.


coverDouwe Bob – Fool Bar

A Dutch country singer? You bet your boots.

More urban cowboy than hayseed kicker.

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