Roundin’ Up The Raves: Bad Suns, July Talk, Whiskey Myers, The Rifles

We have an all-band lineup this week. Solo acts dominate the Top 40 (and have for most of this decade) but there’s a vibrant band scene in every city making killer music of every type. Listen to these, and then go find some more!

Let’s round ’em up.

frontBad Suns – Disappear Here

Tight indie pop-rock with an 80s sheen.

An album full of singles.

Catchy to the power of ridiculous.

July Talk – Touch

Tom Waits and Crystal Gale made an album together back in 1982. Now imagine if they reunited and made an album with Spoon.

Strange, beautiful, and addictive.

coverWhiskey Myers – Mud

Some of these songs would fit comfortably on modern country radio, others would slot nicely into a Lynyrd Skynyrd setlist, and one would have gone Top 10 for Bad Company if they had recorded it in 1975.

Need a little more rock in your country? Take a shot of Whiskey Myers.

coverThe Rifles – Big Life

A double album in the grand tradition of such UK acts as The Clash and The Jam.



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