Roundin’ Up The Raves: Nite Jewel, The Suitcase Junket, Big Wreck, Logic

April showers bring May showers here in the Nor’eastern United States. Need some hip waders to wade into what’s hip this week.

Let’s round ’em up.

Nite Jewel – Real High

Laidback, alternative R&B inspired by Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty)? Sign me up for that every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Little pop gems from Nite Jewel to brighten your day.

The Suitcase Junket – Pile Driver

If you choose to present me with a song called “Swamp Chicken,” well, buddy, you best believe that’s probably going straight to my heart, and straight onto the list of albums about which I rave.

Big Wreck – Grace Street

If you’re a fan of guitar rock from the last 40 years or so, then Big Wreck’s got you all sorted out, with six-string nods to The Police, Radiohead, The Stones, U2, Asia (Asia!), Muse …

Big Wreck know how to rock it, and rock it they do.

Logic – Everybody

A rap concept album touching on race, America, the human condition, and the afterlife. Co-starring Neil deGrasse Tyson as God!

This one gets an Explicit warning, in case you plan on pumping up the volume at your workplace:

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