Roundin’ Up The Raves: LP, Two Cow Garage, Marian Hill, Twin Peaks, The Bones Of J.R. Jones

Back In Time Edition

Yes, we’re returning to that roller coaster of weird known as 2016. Why? Because every year there are albums that slip the surly bonds and it’s months before they’re missed. Sometimes we can track them, sometimes we stumble upon them by sheer accident, and sometimes they need to turn around and find us and tackle us to the ground.

Get your ropes ready, and let’s round ’em up.

LP – Lost On You

She only releases a new album every six years or so, but it’s well worth the wait.

Two Cow Garage – Brand New Flag

Raggedly rockin’ political anthems and personal tales from Ohio’s own.

Marian Hill – ACT ONE

Sophisticated pop R&B with polished and sparse production.

Twin Peaks – Down In Heaven

Slightly shambolic, Stonesy and Velvety indie rock.

The Bones Of J.R. Jones – Spirit’s Furnace

Rootsy Americana acoustic and electric blues rock.

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