Roundin’ Up the Raves: Kick The Robot, Niia, Myles Parrish

It’s quiet in here. Too quiet.

What’s that hiding in the shadows? Time to illuminate the corners.

Let’s round ’em up.

Kick The Robot – Black Magic Radio Static

Crunchy power-pop with an emphasis on the Rawk and more hooks than a Bassmasters marathon. One of the best young bands on the scene.

Niia – I

Like Portishead with less trip and Sade with more hop. Sultry pop for your candlelit evenings.

Myles Parrish – Vomac

If the Disney Channel created its own rapper from scratch, he would likely turn out very much like Myles Parrish. Clean-cut, California suburban rap that’s all sunshine and positive vibrations. Perfect for summertime driving with the top down.

Note: I had to look it up, but Prevost is the premier manufacturer of fancy tour buses. So now you know.

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