Roundin’ Up The Raves: Dan Black, The Americans, Japanese Breakfast, The Lunar Laugh

The musician-type people are making a strong showing this summer. There’s a lot to like out there right now. Too much, in fact, for only one post. The list below could be twice as big and still all the goodness wouldn’t fit. Have you ever tried to cram an abundance of goodness into a teeny tiny space? It doesn’t work. Goodness overflows and gets on the floor, the coffee table, your clothes.

Gotta get started someplace, though. Let’s round ’em up.

Dan Black – Do Not Revenge

Massively catchy electro-pop. Go ahead, try to resist it. You can’t! Might as well shave your head, don robes and sandals, and then travel the country spreading the word.

The Americans – I’ll Be Yours

Heartfelt Springsteenian rock ‘n’ roll with touches of Americana. From tough to tender, it will wake you and shake you in all the right ways.

Japanese Breakfast – Soft Sounds From Another Planet

A beautiful mix of 90’s alternative and early 60’s pop wrapped in the hypnotic dreaminess of 4AD. Surprising twists and turns throughout make for a sonic adventure that’s (wait for it) out of this world!

The Lunar Laugh – Mama’s Boy

The softer side of power pop – like Death Cab For Cutie having a backyard party with a mellow Teenage Fanclub. Handclaps and harmonies abound. As they should!

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