Roundin’ Up The Raves: Chris Price, Ross Cooper, Paddy Hanna, Phobophobes

We have an all-dude lineup today. No reason. Just happens that way sometimes.

I’ve gotta jet, so let’s round ’em up.

Chris Price – Dalmatian

Power pop magic! A glittering mix of ELO, The Beatles, Jellyfish, Matthew Sweet, and The Beach Boys.

Ross Cooper – I Rode The Wild Horses

Former rodeo rider brings his experiences to the music. Country, Americana, and rock all fit on Cooper like a finely tailored denim suit.

Paddy Hanna – Frankly, I Mutate

Catchy and quirky troubadour-pop from Ireland.

Phobophobes – Miniature World

A little UK 60’s psych-rock mixed with post-punk and goth. Unusual? You bet.

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