Roundin’ Up The Raves: Emma Louise, Bob Moses, Tash Sultana, Night Shop

Hope y’all weren’t looking for any cheery pop or spherical-objects-to-the-wall rock & roll this week. It’s all good, though. There are plenty of pleasures to be found in teardrops and shadows.

Hmm. I’m making this collection sound more depressing than it actually is. Let’s round ’em up.

Emma Louise – Lilac Everything

You might be confused at first listen when comparing the picture of Emma Louise on the album cover with the voice that you hear singing.

It’s her. She calls the voice “Joseph.”

Bob Moses – Battle Lines

A bit like late 80’s Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails (the less aggressive side) as sung by Coldplay.

Tash Sultana – Flow State

For the first few minutes it’s laidback R&B with a little trip hop vibe. Then Tash plays her guitar. Wait for the guitar.

Night Shop – In The Break

The acoustic rock of Walter Martin with a bit of Joel Plaskett.


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