Hey, What’s That Song? “I Live” by Jason Falkner

Jason Falkner never had much luck with bands.

He joined psych-pop revivalists The Three O’Clock for their fourth and final album in 1988, right before they broke up. A year later, he became a charter member of Jellyfish, but felt his songwriting efforts were being ignored and left after recording their debut. Upon meeting producer Jon Brion in 1994, he agreed to try one more time and together they formed The Grays, only to break up after one album due to musical differences.

Falkner ditched the group effort and went solo in 1996, producing a string of fine power pop albums while simultaneously appearing as a guest guitarist for many other artists — most notably, on several Beck albums.

Here’s the first single from his opening salvo as a solo artist — snap, crackle, power pop!

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