Adriano Celentano “Prisencolinensinainciusol”

Here’s why I love the internet:  1)  instant retrieval of information — last week my wife asked me where the word ‘cartoon’ comes from…good question, says I…we had the answer in about 5 seconds from; to wit, ‘cartoon’ comes from the Italian cartone “pasteboard, a sketch of a planned drawing or painting done on heavy paper,” from carta “sheet of paper,” from Latin charta “piece of papyrus.”  And 2)  videos like this:

How come people don’t dance like that anymore?  Spectacular.  I love obscure little pieces of musical history.  Apparently, Mr. Celentano’s intention was to write and sing a song that sounded American by using phonetic English with an accent, or something to that effect, something that would musically convey “incommunicability in modern times.”  If nothing else, it communicates its own awesomeness just fine.  Amazingly, the song somehow managed to make the charts in the UK in 1974.  And thanks to my wife for introducing it to me.  Eyes!

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