It’s What’s Happening: Harlem Shake

baauer--harlem-shake“Harlem Shake” by Baauer hit #1 on iTunes a few days ago. It’s in the Top 10 in 14 other countries. If you actually listen to the song on its own, you may wonder, “Why?” And you would not be wrong. This might be the first time in history people are buying a song not to listen to it, but in order to make videos.

Depending on how well connected you are, this meme may be old news. Or perhaps I’m introducing you to it for the first time (as you will surely know from previous posts, I’m the tip of the spear when it comes to what’s hot).

Basically, this all began last month when some guys dressed in latex suits made a video of themselves dancing to “Harlem Shake.” Result? YouTube explosion. People began making their own videos and a set of “rules” evolved—you’ll get the idea—to which everyone adds their own twist. YouTube estimates 4000 of these videos are uploaded per day. Per day! (Suck it, cats! Humans win this time).

Are you ready for examples? I know you are.



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