It’s What’s Happening: Robin Thicke (And Goats)


You wanna hug me, hey, hey, hey

This week, Robin Thicke has the #1 song in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and New Zealand with the Michael-Jackson-sampling, Marvin-Gaye-borrowing booty-shaker, “Blurred Lines.”

Since debuting in 2003, only one of Robin’s previous singles had even cracked the Top 40. But his current success shouldn’t be too surprising since super-catchy music runs deep in his blood. Find out why after this somewhat odd video.

Alan Thicke

Hmm. #Goats seem to be the trendy barnyard animal this year. Why? Who knows. Random weirdness is one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century — particularly on the internet. Trying to understand it, however, will only propel you faster into becoming soylent green. Best to just smile and nod and move on.

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Robin is the son of 80s sitcom dad and noted Canadian, Alan Thicke. Some of you may be asking, “Hey, what does Jason Seaver have to do with music?” Well, pre-Growing Pains, Thicke the Elder wrote some pretty successful tunes. Perhaps you know one or two . . .


Edit: A few hours after I posted What’s Happening, an interview with Diane Martel—the director of the “Blurred Lines” video—appeared on an entertainment site. (In case you wonder about intentions and such.)

3 thoughts on “It’s What’s Happening: Robin Thicke (And Goats)

  1. First off, I had a big crush on ‘Mike Seaver’. I had an early bedtime as a kid (ridiculously early), and sometimes when my mom was working a late shift my dad would let me stay up to watch Growing Pains. It was our little secret 🙂

    Second, I’ve never heard “Blurred Lines” before and sweet mother of pearl is it catchy. I really, really, really don’t want to like that song! And yet I’ve listened to it twice now and can’t help but bob my head to the beat. I found myself at odds trying to mentally consolidate such an ‘up’ sounding song with the ridiculous lyrics and video. Those harmonies nearly masked the unpleasant feelings of disappointment, sadness and anger that I experience when I see videos that objectify women like that! I read the article and was surprised to learn that the video was directed by a woman. (I suppose I shouldn’t have been.) I found it interesting that, from her perspective, the girls are “in the power position.” I certainly didn’t see it that way – and I definitely did not feel empowered – but hey, that’s only my opinion. And damned if I don’t want to hear the song again anyway!

    • My sister and I loved Growing Pains. I’m pretty sure we could still harmonize–poorly–on the entire theme song. (As long as we got each other! We got the world spinnin’ right in our hands….)

      I’m addicted to “Blurred Lines” for its earworm qualities, but I, too, do not like the video (and this is the clean version! there’s an explicit version which is even more uncomfortable). Normally I wouldn’t have bothered reading an interview with the director, but I was fascinated to find out it’s a woman. Like you, her take on what the video says did not match my impressions at all

      You would think that Robin Thicke would be some kind of player based on all this, but he’s married to his high school sweetheart. They’ve been together for about 20 years. And by all accounts, he’s a peach. I have no idea why he thought this video would be a good idea, but if publicity was the goal, then mission accomplished.

  2. How, in all these years that you and I have been worshipping at the altar of 80s tv theme songs, did I not know that Alan Thicke was responsible for some of my favorite poetry??

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