Roundin’ Up The Raves: Hollerado, Southern Avenue, Little Bandit, Blackfoot Gypsies

An eclectic mix this week. A little something for everyone. This track doesn’t suit your tastes? Simply scroll down.

Let’s see what happens, when we round ’em up.

Hollerado – Born Yesterday

Power pop? Punk pop? Rock ‘n’ roll? Who cares? It’s all in there, and Hollerado rock their melodies to the max.

Southern Avenue – Southern Avenue

They’re on the Stax label! This is what Memphis should sound like, baby.

Little Bandit – Breakfast Alone

While most alternative country acts mine the 70s outlaws, the Waylons and Willies, Little Bandit harks back to the 60s, a little countrypolitan kick with some George Jones and Buck Owens and Flying Burrito Brothers thrown in. The occasional dark twist and sly lyric keeps them off the straight and narrow.

I’ll have breakfast with ya, Little Bandit.

Blackfoot Gypsies – To The Top

Bluesy 60s rock ‘n’ roll à la Dylan and The Stones. But Blackfoot Gysies aren’t afraid to extract little bits and pieces of everything else. They’ll stray from the path to explore the forest whenever they feel like it. Take the journey with them.


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