Roundin’ Up The Raves: Bread & Butter, Allie X, Major And The Monbacks, Lola Marsh

Time for musical math! Don’t worry, I’ve done the equations for you. Sometimes in these quick roundup posts I use 2 or 3 artists to help describe another artist, even though this is often a facile comparison which doesn’t necessarily apply to every song. It’s just an easy shorthand to save you time when trying to decide what to listen to.

Let’s round ’em up (or down, if it’s less than 0.5)

Bread & Butter – Bread & Butter

Early Tom Petty + Sloan + The Wonders

Allie X – CollXtion II

Marina and the Diamonds + Carly Rae Jepsen + Madonna

Major And The Monbacks – Moonlight Anthems

The Band + George Harrison + Nilsson

Lola Marsh – Remember Roses

Lana Del Ray + Nancy Sinatra + Beth Orton

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