It’s What’s Happening: Work

We’re going to have to press pause here at The Clock for just a moment. Only temporarily while I get my headspace together, ya dig?

You see, after 15 years of working weekend nights, with 5 of those years staying at home on weekdays to dad my young child, I’ve gone and gotten myself one of those Monday through Friday gigs everyone’s been talking about so much. That’s right, beginning next week I’ll be waking up bright and early to help educate the youth of America. (Let’s see if it’s actually possible to spend more money on coffee in one month than on my house payment. They say it can’t be done. They clearly don’t know who they’re dealing with.)

Obviously all of this time spent embiggening the minds of the young will severely curtail the time I have to listen to and write about all the glorious music in our past, present, and future, but my intention is to keep on keeping on. Might have to skip a post here and there or scale back on the word count, but I’ll still get the music to you. TCB, as The King would say.

I hope all you groovy cats and chicks are hip to what’s happening. Please allow me to float about the atmosphere for a bit and grok the situation, and soon we’ll resume regular programming on this here music geek station. Stay cool, babies.

2 thoughts on “It’s What’s Happening: Work

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