Roundin’ Up The Raves: Greta Van Fleet, Daniel Caesar, The Cornshed Sisters, Vulfpeck

Two months into my pre-k and kindergarten teaching career, and here’s my verdict: it’s like…well….it’s kind of like herding a roomful of cats – you can’t control them, you can only hope to contain them. Sometimes it’s claws, and sometimes it’s awws. Glad to be there, though – as their kitty overlord! Mwahahaha!

OK, time to corral some albums. Let’s round ’em up.

Greta Van Fleet – From The Fires

I’ll let you decide for yourself. Music fans seem divided over the band due to their incredibly uncanny reproductions of Led Zeppelin’s sound. Some dig it, and some don’t, but they’re a very good rock band with very good rock songs, and those are hard to find. See what you think.

Daniel Caesar – Freudian

What a beautiful album of sweet, crooning soul. Slow and sultry jams about the vagaries of love. Get lost in it.

The Cornshed Sisters – Honey & Tar

Eclectic, imaginative folk-pop with gorgeous harmonies.

Vulfpeck – Mr. Finish Line

Vulfpeck continue to be a tremendously tight and funky band with stellar guest vocalists and a mix of straightforward and off-kilter R&B and pop songs.

2 thoughts on “Roundin’ Up The Raves: Greta Van Fleet, Daniel Caesar, The Cornshed Sisters, Vulfpeck

  1. VULFPECK – YES. I was wondering when they would make an appearance on your blog! I am OBSESSED with their version of “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh.” Those vocal-instrumental runs in the last third of the song are bananas. And the melody . . . *sigh*. And the piano. And the Donny Hathaway vibes. Ugh, SO GOOD. I had tickets to see them in Toronto back in May and then a family medical emergency happened the night before the concert and I drove home on the day of the show so I have still yet to see them live. But, now that they’re touring more extensively, there will be more opportunities to see them, which is fantastic!

    • So glad to have the Vulfpeck back! And yes, that song is absolutely fantastic. I’m bummed to hear you didn’t get to see them — I remember you telling me you had tickets. I hope everyone’s okay, and hopefully the band gets back to your neighborhood soon!

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