Roundin’ Up The Faves: Album Edition, 2017

Well, here we are, my loyal music geeks. At the frosty and festive end of another year. Which means it’s time for the annual culling of the albums! As usual, I’m not labeling these as “the best” of 2017 – they’re just my personal faves, based on my biases and preferences, and the ones I’ll most likely return to in the future. Your mileage may vary.

As ever, I hope this blog has led to some new musical discoveries for you, and perhaps you’ve learned one or two things along the way.

For the last time in 2017, let’s round ’em up.

Polish Club – Alright Already

Jillette Johnson – All I Ever See In You Is Me

Midland – On The Rocks

Daniel Caesar – Freudian

The Preatures – Girlhood

Hollerado – Born Yesterday

Niia – I

Kick The Robot – Black Magic Radio Static

Kesha – Rainbow [Explicit]

The Surfing Magazines – The Surfing Magazines

Charlie Worsham – Beginning Of Things

Sinkane – Life & Livin’ It

Flyte – The Loved Ones

White Sea – Tropical Odds

The Texas Gentlemen – TX Jelly

5 thoughts on “Roundin’ Up The Faves: Album Edition, 2017

  1. Spotify introduced me to The Texas Gentleman just the other week with “Habbie Doobie” and I am OBSESSED! Same with “Find Yourself” by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real (Willie Nelson’s son) with Lady Gaga on BG vocals. Love that classic southern funk rock bluesy sound. Literally cannot get enough of it! Looking forward to checking out the rest of your list. Also, how is it already that time of year again? Holy smokes.

      • Well, now I know what’s on offer for New Year’s Eve in Dallas AND I found the article – bonus! That’s interesting. I had no idea that they are a collective of sorts. Pretty rad approach to making music and touring. Vulfpeck does that to a degree, bringing in other musicians, but 40 or 50 members across the country? That’s quite something. Bet their live shows are awesome too.

        Enjoy your first family Christmas hosting! I will have a short visit home. The logistics are such that I’m always a hostee, never a host, but I imagine that it’s exciting and frazzling and pretty cool to host for the first time. (Feel like I should throw in another “host” for good measure. Host. Doesn’t even look like a real word anymore.)

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