Roundin’ Up The Faves: 2018 Song Edition, Side 1

Here we are again – one season officially over, and a new one just begun. Like last year, I’ve compiled a virtual mix tape for you consisting of songs from the past few months that escaped the regular weekly roundup. This seasonal side bears the not-so-concise title, Thanks For Stopping By, Winter…Now Kindly Blow Away…No, Seriously.

Spotify playlist at the bottom for anyone who digs Spotify. And don’t forget, volume makes everything better. Turn it up! Dance! Turn it up a little more!



Demob Happy – “Be Your Man”

Rhye – “Taste”

Marmozets – “Suffocation”

Rae Morris – “Do It”

The Regrettes – “Come Through”

Jeremy Messersmith – “Postmodern Girl”

The Number Ones – “Lie To Me”

Jussie Smollett – “Hurt People”

Dear Rouge – “Boys & Blondes”

The Academic – “I Feel It Too”

Elise LeGrow – “You Never Can Tell”


4 thoughts on “Roundin’ Up The Faves: 2018 Song Edition, Side 1

  1. Lovely. I was able to listen to all of them this time. I enjoyed “Postmodern Girl”. A lot, actually. Nice melodic name, too – Jeremy Messersmith…. Thanks, Houston.

    • You’re welcome, Misky! I’m very glad you were able to listen to all of them. I can’t promise that will happen every week, but I may have just found a way to increase the chances. “Postmodern Girl” has a light and lovely airiness to it. I enjoy it a lot, too!

      • If a video won’t play for me in the future, I’ll just search again on YouTube from my side. That worked last time, and I found one that played “Money (That’s What I Want)”. But it was the The Flying Lizards that made me smile.

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