Roundin’ Up The Faves: 2018 Song Edition, Side 4

Happy 2019, y’all! What musical wonders await us in this shiny new year? Who knows? But here at The Clock we hope to continue with our long-standing goal of providing you with musical musings both fun and educational.

Edufuntional. Funducational? No matter.

But there’s one last piece of business from 2018, and that’s wrapping up the seasonal mix tape of songs which crept into my head (but not into my posts) over the past few months. Fall technically lasts for 3 months according to the calendar, but here in Vermont it lasted for about 2 weeks — calendars be damned, says Vermont!

So please enjoy this small collection with the big title: I Slipped And The Winter Broke My Fall.

Audiobooks – “Hot Salt”

Phosphorescent – “New Birth In New England”

Lawrence – “Make A Move”

BRONCHO – “Sandman”

Francesca Battistelli  – “The Breakup Song”

Shadowgraphs – “Another Time”

DOG Power – “Not Human”

Pearl & The Oysters – “Randi”



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