Roundin’ Up The Faves: 2019 Song Edition, Side 1

What? It’s that time already? Oh yes, my friends. With 25% of the year having already flown by, it means that Side 1 of our seasonal virtual mix tape drops today. Songs from the past three months which didn’t find their way into my regular weekly posts for one reason or another have found their way here (two of these songs are actually from last fall but I can’t let them go undiscovered).

Try a few! Or try them all!

Welcome to the If Winter Is Over Then Why Is It Still Snowing? mix.


Weezer – “Can’t Knock The Hustle”

Dominique Fils-Aime – “Some Body”

The Picturebooks – “The Hands Of Time”

Lucy Dacus – “La Vie En Rose”

Potty Mouth – “Fencewalker”

Datarock – “The One”

Martin Frawley – “What’s On Your Mind?”

Channel Tres – “Jet Black”

Rob Heron and The Tea Pad Orchestra – “Une Bouteille de Beaujolais”

Billie Eilish – “Bury A Friend”

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – “Do It All The Time”


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