After nearly 12 years of working and living at night, today I finally abandon the darkness and begin living during the day.

Do they make an SPF 300? Vampires have a better shot at surviving in sunlight than I do.  I spontaneously burst into flames just looking at pictures of the sun. (Man, this is gonna be weird.)

I’ve gotten into a routine with posting over the last 2 months or so, but I’m afraid that routine must be compromised over the next few weeks or so.  My family and I will be packing up and driving across the country this month, so distractions may cause my posts to be sporadic and erratic. Things should normalize in October.

Thanks to everyone for reading along. I’m having a helluva good time, and I hope you are, too. Rock on, everyone.

(Damn, I just saw a picture of the sun.)

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