Roundin’ Up The Raves: Everything Is Recorded, Sam Vance-Law, Superorganism, Born Ruffians

Friday night and the lights are low – looking out for a place to go…

Actually, I’m not looking for anywhere to go, because I’m a dedicated follower of finding new sounds for my ragtag band of loyal music geeks, which means I’m home with the headphones on, trawling through the tunes, shunning the mountain of invitations to dance the night away with reckless abandon.

I want to put on my boogie shoes, but only to boogie with you. Let’s round ’em up.

Everything Is Recorded – Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell

Producer Russell makes musical magic on his first solo project with a little help from his friends on vocals. Sweet hip-hop beats and gorgeous R&B.

Sam Vance-Law – Homotopia

Vance-Law’s debut album sounds as if he’s been making records for years. It’s not too far away from the melodic chamber pop and wit of Magnetic Fields, as he spins vignettes about life as a gay man which, according to Vance-Law himself, sometimes apply to him, and sometimes don’t.

Superorganism – Superorganism

The woozy cut and paste electronica and pop smarts of Simian meet the laidback rap-singing of early Beck.

Born Ruffians – Uncle, Duke & The Chief

A little indie folk-rock and a mid-60’s vibe finds this Canadian band in fine form.





3 thoughts on “Roundin’ Up The Raves: Everything Is Recorded, Sam Vance-Law, Superorganism, Born Ruffians

  1. Man, this is quite the round-up! Might have taken the lead as one of my top faves for the sheer ‘what did I just hear’ factor. Need a second listen of this particular sequence of songs to process, lol.

    Us music geeks appreciate the finds that come from your trawling under headphones. (Unrelated, but yours is the second post I’ve read this week that includes the term “reckless abandon.” Recently decided to practice songwriting again and that phrase is calling out. There’s a song in there.) Seem to recall that you included a link to a Spotify playlist in one of your posts awhile back . . . Am I remembering correctly?

    • Yay! I like this sequence, too. I’m also happy to hear you’ve picked up songwriting again. Great news! Reckless abandon seems a good phrase to try and use somewhere.
      I did include Spotify playlists for my quarterly song roundups. Happy to add them to the weekly round-ups, as well.

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