Roundin’ Up The Raves: Low Cut Connie, Mamas Gun, Matt Costa, Ray LaMontagne

“Was a sunny day
All the birdies in the trees
And the radio’s singing song
All the favorite melodies”

Yes, indeed. Paul Simon knows where it’s at. Sunshine and fine tunes to put you in the right frame of mind. Hope it’s sunny where you are. Now let these songs slap a smile on your kisser.

Brace your face, and let’s round ’em up.

Low Cut Connie – “Dirty Pictures” (Part 2)

Good old-fashioned rock & roll. You don’t even need to be familiar with Part 1. You don’t need to, but you’ll want to after this.

Mamas Gun – Golden Days

Blue-eyed soul and funk from merry olde England.

From where?!

Oh, you read that right.

Matt Costa – Santa Rosa Fangs

A very loose concept album about the state of California and a girl named Sharon. Have fun picking out the influences! Matt Costa has excellent taste in music from many different decades and utilizes those influences to write some fine tunes.

Ray LaMontagne – Part Of The Light

Cat Stevens and Harry Nilsson tripping through the twilight and occasionally trying to make you cry.


Note: The Mamas Gun album is not yet available on Spotify so their songs do not appear on this playlist. They will be added eventually (hopefully).

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