Roundin’ Up The Faves: Ghost, Zeal & Ardor, Halestorm, Amigo The Devil, Turnstile

For those of you who don’t think enough metal shows up in my posts, today is your lucky day.

For those of you who are already moving your finger to click away from this page, fret not. Long-time readers will, of course, know that my musical tendencies skew heavily towards the accessible, and my taste in metal is no exception. In fact, some of these albums only loosely qualify as metal.

So be not timid, my musical minions. Your captain shall not steer you wrong. (The captain of the Titanic probably said the same thing, but if I’m mistaken about my steering abilities at least you won’t drown in the frigid Atlantic. You’ll only drown in rawwwwwk!)

My headbangin’ faves from 2018. Let’s röund ’em üp.

Ghost Prequelle

European metal

(Far less scary than the cover would imply.)

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Blues metal

(Maybe a little more scary than the cover would imply.)

Halestorm – Vicious

Hard rock metal

(Leather and electricity.)

Amigo The Devil – Everything Is Fine

Acoustic-based metal

(Is this actually metal, you might ask? Some well-qualified people seem to think so, so I’m going with that. It’s in the lyrics more than the music.)

Turnstile – Time & Space

Hardcore punk metal

(Denim, electricity, and speed.)


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