Roundin’ Up The Raves: FIDLAR, Emily King, Royal Canoe, Yarol

Let’s round ’em up.

FIDLAR – Almost Free

I could try to tell you what these guys sound like but it would take 15 different references. Do the two songs below sound anything like Beastie Boys, 70’s glam, Rage Against The Machine, or 90’s alternative? Nope. But their other songs do. A little bit of everything.

Emily King – Scenery

Gorgeous soul-pop.

Royal Canoe – Waver

I can’t describe this any better than the band’s own website: “Think of them as the child that would result, however inexplicably, if the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Vampire Weekend, Outkast and Fever Ray had a hymn sing followed by an orgy.”

Yarol – Yarol

He’s French, he’s funky, he’s got a voice that occasionally sounds like it belongs on an 80’s soundtrack. He’s Yarol. Bienvenue.





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