Song Of The Week: “Keeping The Dream Alive” by Münchener Freiheit

Munchener-Freihe-Keeping-The-Dream-218101Here’s what I know about Münchener Freiheit . . . . . . they’re German . . . . . . and that’s about it.

Okay, I also know that in the 80s they were very popular in their homeland, a one-hit wonder in the UK, and completely unknown in the US.  Well, not completely unknown—“Keeping The Dream Alive” (aka “Solang’ man Träume noch leben kann”), while it didn’t make it onto the charts as it did in the UK, gained a modicum of attention in the US when it showed up on the soundtrack to Say Anything. (I’ve watched Say Anything at least a dozen times and I have no idea where the song appears.)

munchAppropriately for this time of year, “Keeping The Dream Alive” has morphed into a holiday song and now pops up on Christmas compilations. No sleigh bells or references to Santa, but the lyric sentiment loosely applies in a sort of “looking back, end of the year, hope for the future” manner. Having a lovely, Beatles by way of Electric Light Orchestra sound certainly helps. (Plus, look at that sexy hair—manufacturers of hair product must miss the 80s dearly.)

Normally I would post a link to Spotify but the song is unavailable for the US market. As a result, I’m posting the original video. Like many videos from the 80s, it’s a little cheesy, but don’t let that distract you.

And here’s the original German version (for those who think the group sold out with the English version).

5 thoughts on “Song Of The Week: “Keeping The Dream Alive” by Münchener Freiheit

  1. Munchener Freiheit are a great band – very underrated. With this in mind, I bought the DVD of the John Cusak film, “Say Anything”, wanting to hear “Keeping The Dream Alive”. Stayed with the DVD through to the end of the closing titles but, like you, I didn’t hear the song. Heard Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, which played while Cusak held a boom box above his head outside of Ione Skye’s window.
    As uplifting as “Keeping The Dream Alive” is, it could have featured in a number of scenes in this film – but it’s not on this DVD. It is, however, on the soundtrack CD issued by WTG Records.
    Sometimes, DVDs run into copyright problems and don’t have access to all the music in the theatrical release. This could be one of those instances.
    Best wishes and thanks for the upload and the information, Mike Edwards

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