Review: Electric Guest – Mondo

This album came out in April?! What the hell! Why am I just hearing it now? Sure, I had a newborn baby at the time but she’s been busy studying dance and culinary arts for months now. Still heard nothing. Lead singer Asa Taccone has plenty of connections: he’s the brother of one of the members of Lonely Island and he won an Emmy for his contribution to “Dick In A Box.” He’s also a longtime friend of Danger Mouse (Mr. Mouse being one half of Gnarls Barkley and the man who produced this album). I’m sure there’s been publicity, but unfortunately, they’re not aiming at my demographic. (At this point, only pharmaceutical companies target my demographic.) Apropos of nothing, the other full-time member of this dynamic duo goes by Cornbread. Cornbread! For reals guys, why have you been hiding from me?

Actually, like Johnny Lee, I’ve probably been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Lucky for me, Electric Guest showed up on Jimmy Fallon last week, and a few days ago I noticed HBO now uses one of their songs during promo commercials. So apparently their fame grows. And why wouldn’t it? Sometimes they sound like Roland Gift covering Amy Winehouse, sometimes like a discofied Beta Band, sometimes like Al Green fronting The Housemartins, and, oddly, occasionally, like Paul McCartney on his experimental synth album McCartney II. Such a tasty blend of pop and soul, of past, present, and future. Electric Guest are like the S’mores of indie rock.

Shouldn’t this be your favorite new band, too?

2 thoughts on “Review: Electric Guest – Mondo

  1. They are more damn fun. I’m sitting here bopping away in my seat. Alright that’s to the last song. Fun is perhaps not the word for the second song, but I liked it, as well. The video for the first song was so hilarious I had to go back to listen to the song [okay, maybe hilarious isn’t quite the word].

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