Roundin’ Up The Strays: Angus & Julia Stone, The Preatures, Tennis, Morgan James

Alright, music lovers! Welcome to 2014. Here’s a lady-centric collection of tunes for you in honor of the recent female domination of the pop charts. You will not find any of the songs below anywhere near the pop charts, by the way. A couple of these albums were released recently and the others are from earlier this year. I’ll have to play catch-up for the next few months. Better get going. Time to round ’em up.

angus julia stoneAngus & Julia Stone – Angus & Julia Stone

Australian brother and sister duo turn in their most accomplished album to date. A little more muscle and groove this time out. Definitely a welcome reunion after each released solo albums in 2012.


coverThe Preatures – Blue Planet Eyes

More excellence from Australia. Are you gonna take that lying down, New Zealand?

coverTennis – Ritual in Repeat

Husband and wife from Denver present their beautiful and wistful indie pop songs. Don’t let the facelessness on the cover fool you. Bask in the glow.

coverMorgan James – Hunter

For some reason this album isn’t on Spotify. But everything’s okay. That’s what YouTube is for.

….Or maybe not. I’m discovering her music is surprisingly difficult to find online (iTunes might have it — certainly worth tracking down). But here’s a fan-made video (which you can completely ignore) for the song I wanted to post. James is a Broadway singer, but her album sounds like Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield. Sweet soul music to make your heart ache and your booty shake.



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