It’s What’s Happening: Moving

2wagontrainYes, the staff here at 123oClock4oClockRock are pulling up stakes, packing the wagons, and pointing the horses north to greener–and colder–pastures, just a (rolling) stone’s throw from the Canadian border. Our new zip code is the site of the northernmost engagement of the Civil War and boasts the title, “Maple Syrup Capital Of The World.” So if you’re ever in the neighborhood, swing on by and belly up to the bar (we have a saloon in the basement — no, really) and throw back a shot of Vermont’s finest tree sap with a pancake chaser.

Nuestra casa es su casa. (Actually, considering our new locale: notre maison est votre maison.)

Unfortunately, since there’s no internet on the trail, and the lack of suspension on the wagon jostles my keyboard too much anyway, we’re forced to pause distribution of our electrical magazine of musical musings. But fear not, “The Clock” will soon return to ring the bells of your little gray cells, and rock your everlovin’ socks off, as well.

Stay groovy, and stay tuned.

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