Roundin’ Up The Raves: The Struts, Céu, The Saint Johns, Miike Snow

It’s Sunday. A day for rest. To retreat, far from the madding crowd who would trample upon you like mad cows. A day to meditate on the Euterpean beauty of YouTube. To relax amid the buttercups of your mind.

Ready for some serious “you” time?

Let’s round ’em up.

folderThe Struts – Everybody Wants

Sort of a cheat since this album was originally released in 2014, but for some inexplicable reason it didn’t come out in the US until last month, sooooo we’re counting it as brand new. Again though …

In. Ex. Plicable.

The lead singer sounds like Freddie Mercury’s cousin singing over bits of Def Leppard, Slade, The Stones, Oasis, The Faces, and Primal Scream, but with a modern production sheen. Putting the ‘fun’ back into rock and effin’ roll (pardon my English).

My favorite part about the above video is that you can mute the sound and put on a song by Poison or Cinderella and it looks like MTV in 1988.

coverCéu Tropix

It’s not always easy to relate to songs in a language other than your own. Céu, on the other hand, makes it go down smooth as a Caipirinha with her own twist on indie pop, jazz, and samba. Let’s go to Brazil!

coverThe Saint Johns – Dead Of Night

A little Buckingham Nicks action going on here. (Voice-wise, I mean. Not that they’re packing up, shacking up, and getting intimately acquainted with members of The Eagles.)

A beautiful blend for your heart to tend.

frontMiike Snow – iii

A giant glitterball of an album. Get up, get down, get whatever you have to.

(I don’t always like music videos, but when I do, it’s because of videos like the one below.)

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