Roundin’ Up The Raves: Spoon, Syd, The Dig

To recap: Snow day. Someone’s sick. Sunny and warm day! 3 feet of snow day. Someone’s sick. Spring! Snow day.

All hell’s a-breakin’ loose and the herd’s a might skittish. Still making beautiful music out on the lonesome prairie, though.

Let’s round ’em up.

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Nobody does it like Spoon. A little Radiohead/Pink Floyd production vibe this time around and they give us their best since 2005.

Syd – Fin

Dark, sultry, slow grooves. They used to put the word Fin at the end of movies back in the old-timey days, but I’m hoping the title here refers to Syd’s mohawk, which does indeed resemble a fish appendage.

The Dig – Bloodshot Tokyo

Electro-pop filtered through a lens of Kinks and Zombies. Perfect for lazing on a sunny afternoon when it’s the time of the season.

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