Roundin’ Up The Raves: Dan Auerbach, White Sea, Benjamin Booker, The Biters

Running a bit behind. Gonna have to give a quick knock and drop these off on your doorstep.

Let’s round ’em up.

Dan Auerbach – Waiting On A Song

The bearded half of The Black Keys releases a solo album with elements of Motown, country-soul, The Traveling Wilburys, 60’s soundtracks, and Juice Newton.

White Sea – Tropical Odds

White Sea’s MO is to release her songs into the world as soon as they’re ready, so some of these have been around for a while, but Tropical Odds houses them in one handy-dandy, electro-poppy collection.

Benjamin Booker – Witness

The intersection at which rock and soul meet, with Booker directing the musical traffic – into your brain, and into your heart.

The Biters – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Alternates spot-on T. Rex glam with 80’s pop-rock. Sink your teeth into the fun!

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